CO ² Systems can be designed to be activated automatically or manually. CO ² system which designed by using directional valves can be provide cost-effective solution by taking under protection the risk of multiple areas.

CO² gas is stored at room temperature for 55 to 60 bar pressure with a capacity of 20 kg, 30 kg and 45 kg seamless steel cylinders. Cylinders are arranged in groups and each cylinder is connected individually to a common discharge manifold with flexible high pressure of CO ² drain hoses. Pilot cylinder is manually triggered by pneumatic actuators in manual systems and automatically triggered by electric actuators in auto systems. Spare cylinders are activated by the pneumatic actuator located on the spare cylinder valves which triggered by pressure that coming from the pilot cylinder with flexible activation hoses. With result of engineering calculations, the gas inside the cylinders which is mounted on the piping system where area to be protected moves to the CO² discharge nozzle.

CO² Extinguishing System Features:

  • Not harmful to Ozone.
  • Extinguishes physically.
  • Used for local extinguishing .
  • Is not used in places where people located.
  • Low cost of refilling.
  • Discharge time is 60 – 120 seconds (30 seconds for local systems).