FM200 Fire Extinguishing Systems

FM200 Fire Extinguishing Systems

In the event of fire every second is very valuable like data processing centers, communications systems centers, historic and artistic valued objects, medical supply storages, transformer and electrical panel rooms, laboratories, etc. FM200 (HFC 227EA) Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems are used in this areas for the purpose of detecting fire in 10 seconds and extinguished fastly. FM-200 gas is the most commonly using gas after the restriction of the use of halon 1301 gas. FM200 gas doesn’t create any risk to human life when used at appropriate concentration.


FM-200 System Scheme


  • It is colorless, odorless, nonconducting extinguishing agent.
  • Ozone destroy factor is 0 (zero), atmospheric lifetime 31-42 years.
  • Extinguishes physically.
  • Does not leave residue after discharge, does not require cleaning.
  • Can be used safely in manned places.
  • Most commonly used Halon 1301 alternative.
  • Can be used in environments from 0 to 40 degrees.
  • Can be used with single or multiple cylinders.
  • It can be stored with between 25 – 42 bar cylinder pressure.
  • Discharge time is 10 seconds.


FM-200 Project Scheme

FM200 Gaseous Fire Extinguishing System consists of electronical and mechanical components. Electronic part consist of fire extinguishing panel (control panel) and cross zoned fire detectors, discharge and stop buttons, flasher and sirens. Electronic part is the brain of system by every element. It allows fire detection and discharging to the area where has to be protected.


Mechanical part is consist of FM200 gas cylinders, slenoid valve, FM-200 gas pipes, nozzles, pressure valve, manual discharge equipment and other mechanical parts. Fire is extinguished via mechanical part. The mechanical part is controlled by electronic part. It is important to select the right the pipe diameter considering “the point where FM200 tubes are and the volume of the area which has to be protected” in mechanical unit. Choosing the wrong pipe diameter will retard the release of FM-200 gas and will cause the fire not extinguished. In case of calculating the amount of FM200 gas lower than correct amount, then fire can’t be extinguished. And in the opposite situation, then it can cause a risk to human beings.