Novec 1230 Extinguishing System

Novec 1230 Fire Extinguishing System

Novec 1230 is a long-lasting solution fire protection in class of special hazards. Novec 1230 that marketed as an alternative to Halon 1301, has a minimal environmental effect while providing superior extinguishing performance. Ozone destruction coefficient (ODP) is zero. Has only 5-day atmospheric lifetime and GWP coefficient is 1.


– Ease of refill

– Flexibility of adding gas

– Compliance with regulations

– Ease of installation in tight areas

Areas of use:

• UPS – uninterruptible power
• Archives
• Museums
• ATM machines, money transport vehicles
• Warehouses
• Chemical industry
• All electrical and electronic systems
• Generators, compressors, ventilation units
• Ships, cargo, engine rooms
• GSM link stations and cabinets
• Data processing centers