Personal Protective Equipments

Personal Protective Equipments 




Built to move the way the human body moves — without restriction — by providing a tailored, less bulky fit with added length and fullness where the body bends.
– Axtion Back adds length across your shoulders when you work in front of you.
– Axtion Sleeve provides extra length when you reach.
Free hanging throat tab stays out of your way when not deployed.
– Telescoping Sleeve Wells keep water out and add thermal protection.
– Thermally enhanced upper body is oversized for more coverage.
– Trimtrax Thread Protection cording lasts far longer than conventional stitching.
– Axtion Liner allows unrestricted movement and easy access between the layers.


Turnout pants that fit like a pair of jeans. With its adjustable belt and elasticized back transferring weight to your hips, suspenders are a preference, not a necessity.
Adjustable bet closure transfers weight to your hips and makes the pants fit like a pair of jeans.
– Liner access opening on both sides of the waist for easy access between the layers.
Thermally enhanced knees add a layer of thermal and moisture barrier to protect this high compression area.



jolly-9005-1_1_High temperature resistant nitrile rubber firefighter boots in accordance with EN 345, Class 2.

36H535_AS01Steel shoe toe, steel sole, antistatic and heat resistant nitrile rubber in accordance with EN 345, Class 2.

çizme3NFPA Certified, American firefighter boots, steel shoe toe and steel sole.



baret4EN 443 and NFPA 1971-2000 certified, reflective striped, adjustable Firefighter Helmet with polycarbonate visor.

3bc2266bd86943258a737818fce423c1_itfaiyecimigferiEN 443 certified Firefighter helmet with externally adjustable ratchet.

Fire Blanket


  • CE certified.
  • Max. temp.: 550 °C – 1260 °C
  • Flameproof,
  • Designed to protect from fire
  • Suitable for use in vehicles, homes, businesses, factories.
  • Environment and user-friendly,
  • Doesn’t include asbestos or amiant,
  • Not harmful to human health,
  • Heat insulated